This section will explain how to grow and expand your channel with one of the up-to-date best Youtube guide 2019 Version

Introduction - How To Start A Youtube Channel From Scratch?

This is a question popular among new Youtubers. With Youtube being the 3rd world's largest search engine in the world, that makes it an open world of possibilities for content uploaders and a hunting ground for viewers waiting to be hooked on their next channel.

That being, also creates it a large competitive world. To be ahead of the game we will need to research trending topics and keywords related to your content while probably the trickiest part, Is pushing your channel into the spotlight to be seen by viewers.

So how do the big Youtubers do it? We will explain all that in this section.

Keep in mind that even the medium sized Youtubers with 50k+ Subscribers all have earned their place by being CONSISTENT with their uploads. So if you're here for a shortcut to fame and glory with taking little interest in dedication, Then close this site and save yourself wasted time.

These tactics work 100% and are real maps to climbing in Youtube. There are no real successful channels out there that have taken massive shortcuts to earn their Play Button (Awarded to Youtubers milestones).

With the use of this guide, our services and being consistent in uploading and engaging with your audience we guarantee you significant results and improvement to yourself and your channel.

"What I do is temporary, but what I leave behind is forever" - Markiplier (Popular Youtube Star)

By now you have your own Youtube channel and are ready to begin your journey. Whether the channels has been active for years with little results or even a brand new one, this is where that channel and your perspective on uploading changes.

From here on out you will see noticeable changes not only in your channel, but yourself and how you explore new ways at identifying and creating your content. First ask yourself "What content will my channel represent?"

From personal experience if you're having little interest in the content you're uploading the process will grow boring and will lose any motivation and energy you had. Choose content that gives you a genuine interest or passion in. A strong interest encourages a stronger and deeper understanding of the content leaving your channel.

1. Getting Started

2. Editing Your Videos

Turning Your Vision Into A Masterpiece

This section covers on explaining how equal the importance is in the video editing as it is to the content itself.

We've all experienced the intense dramatic music behind the jaw dropping moments of a movie and how it hijacks our inner emotions leaving us to be carried into the exact moment of the movie as the music and effects are all in rhythm with the scene, feeling everything fall into perfect place. Our videos need to project the similar effect toward our audience.

Becoming a good editor will require a bit of creativity and patience as you familiarize yourself with the features of your video editing software.

There's THOUSANDS of videos tutorial's out there that will teach these effects according to the program being used. Windows Movie Maker is already pre-installed on Windows computers making it very convenient for new learners and has all the basic features to editing your videos.

Begin by adding simple flash and fade effects and and very light video effects. Trust and believe, it makes a huge impact on the interest of your viewers by even the smallest editing.

A video speaks a million words

Start off by placing the most interesting moment of the video at the beginning of the video, either before or after your video intro. For example if you're a gamer creating a montage or a regular vlogger creating reaction videos-The first clip must be the one to jump off the screen to welcome our audience to enjoy the show.

This keeps viewers watching longer to slowly absorb more details of your video keeping them entertained all the way through.

If there's music playing in the background of the video, keep the rhythm in sync with the video to create that "Movie style" effect we explained earlier, Add things like a bright flash, or a quick zoom in when a hard hitting song begins. Reserve best parts of the song for your best clips.This tactic is extremely important in the creation of video Intros/Outros.

Our personal recommendation is experimenting with free software programs until becoming more comfortable with the way edits work and how to use them. The more you learn edits and how to sync them with the environment of the video, the strong your gravitational effect on your viewers leaving them wanting more.

Speaking in terms of long runs, some Youtubers simply have little understanding or not enough time to deeply edit our videos into unique content. Extending offers to create art work for other Youtubers is an excellent way to branch out your networking. Having your channel link in the description of every video they upload to credit your artwork is a good way of attracting our viewers.

Now this isn't meant to go crazy and apply chain linked edits to over-hype the situation. That sometimes has an opposite effect of viewers and may even cause them to hit the skip button.

Keep the edits clean with a good synergy of the video is key to keeping a subtle yet appealing video.

3. Choosing Your Keywords

These are called "Long-Tail Keywords".

A long-tail keyword is a keyword phrase that contains at least three words (though some say two or more is considered long-tail). Long-tail keywords are used to target niche demographics rather than mass audiences. In other words, they're more specific and often less competitive than generic keyword terms.

Long-Tail Keywords will drastically narrow down specific search results to find your channel.

If your video is a video on How To Build A House then your keyword should be "How To Build A House" instead of "how,to,build,a,house" Taking single word keywords and shifting into ONE keyword.

There are different types of keywords that can be used very specifically to generate results. Let's go over the different types and how they are used.

Broad Match

Exact Match

Phrase Match

4. Testing Our Keywords For Low Competition

Staying One Move Ahead

After our keywords have been chosen, the last thing we want is to bring a knife to a gunfight. Now we must analyze the keyword so we have a chance of being ranked and bring results to our hard work.

There are plenty of programs out there designed by companies however there's one that tops it all and it's used by millions of Youtubers for keyword analysis and many have heard of it already - This wonderful tool is called "TubeBuddy".

What is Tubebuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension (aka browser plugin) that adds a layer of tools directly on top of YouTube's website. After installing TubeBuddy, simply go to and you'll see our features right inside their site designated by the TubeBuddy logo.

My favorite element of this is that it's a Google Chrome extentsion NOT a program meaning you're able to open it in the corner while in the middle of your uploads, able to add and remove keywords while researching them all in the same page. Tubebuddy has been approved by Youtube themselves to use and does not violate any terms of service or rules and they recommend Tubebuddy as the #1 help tool for gathering insightful information that you can then use to compare and research for your own videos.

This is incredibly helpful for those having difficulties creating keywords for their video. If you type in your keyword it will gather a page of the top video results from that keyword and give you an SEO analysis on whether their Title/Description/Keywords are all put together for good SEO results.

Giving you an idea of what to use. It also uses the keyword you use and scrapes the first page to analyze your competition Which provides:

-Keywords of the videos used in your competition

-Description used in the video

-Views/Likes/Subscribers information

-Much more information that you can use to extract

I'll provide a link below to be directed to their website. The extension is free which gives everything you need to research your keywords.

For more serious Youtubers there's an option to upgrade your account-Which will show more accurate information and will even suggest Keywords related to yours that is able to be ranked + Tons of more features.

I suggest visiting their website as they will show you more of the features on Tubebuddy and the benefits of upgrading.

Out of all tools listed in this guide-this is an absolute MUST HAVE for all Youtubers.

5. Creating Your Thumbnail & Banner

6. Uploading Your Video

Now that we have the information we need its important to remember it has to be used together properly.

In order for Youtube to properly identity keywords to the videos. they must ALL be included.

So when you're using the keyword you want to rank for, It gains the best results by including it in the video Title and description at the beginning AND end.

To what we talked about earlier we will use the keyword "dog fetching" and I'm going to rank for the word "playing fetch with my dog"

My title will be "Had Fun Playing Fetch With My Dog and His Favorite Toy"

Now our description will start off with "This is Me playing fetch with my dog and his favorite toy. He's played fetched all his life and enjoys many different toys to play with. I've seen him try to play with firewood!.

Now your related keywords to rank for will be like

-playful dog fetching

-german shepherd playing fetch

-tips for playing fetch with dog

-Etc and So forth

Be sure to include Long-tail keywords first then with the leftover empty spaces include basic LSI keywords such as

-German sheperd

-dog fetching

-playful dog

Of course these are only examples on how to create your words.

Long-Tail keywords are MUCH easier to rank for than others. Always remember to focus on longer words.

Make sure your description has a minimum of 250 characters and the videos are 5 Minutes long (Minimum) for good SEO ranking results.

If you have Tubebuddy installed upon entering the keywords in your description, Tubebuddy will tell you what your video will rank at when viewers search for that keyword! Which is why it's an absolute must have.

Keep a good balance between Light and heavy competition. Include a few that have low competition then add a few that have high. This will help optimize your video.

7. Expanding Your Channel

Building Your Network

You thought we were done there? Nope! We are going beyond content creation and expanding that creation into a track-able network that is sure to gain some reputation. This section will explain about sharing our channel link on specific forum websites and where to find them.

What is Linkbuilding?

In the field of search engine optimization, link building describes actions aimed at increasing the number and quality of inbound links to a webpage with the goal of increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website.

This will help branch out our traffic sources.

8. Promoting Your Channel (Optional, But Recommended)

Putting Your Channel Into The Spotlight

This section covers the benefits of promoting Youtube channels and videos while also doing it properly.

Youtube promoting is the process of advertising normally through paid options to increase the channel and video rankings.

Youtube promotion allows our hard work to have the opportunity to be seen by others who may also interest your content. Many of us have been part of Youtube communities or group chats where everyone shares their creative ideas and videos with each other hoping for even the slightest feedback that they can learn off of.

Youtube promotion is doing just that without the hassle of participating in these groups.

Youtube promotion works in different ways all with their own pace of results however I will list the most popular 2:

-Social Media Shoutouts

-Paid Advertisement on popular Web pages or channel

If you've made it this far this congratulations! You've finally finished my guide, By now you've learned tactical approaches to building and expanding channels and you are now ready to make that dream channel of yours a reality.

Thank you much to everyone who took the time to read this as I invested quite some time of mine into it.

Everything in this guide was written and published by NeedMoreViews aside some of the images provided in the blog and was written based on the knowledge we have within Youtube SEO searches and personal experience that we have discovered for maximum results.

This guide took quite a while to make so If this helped you in anyway we would greatly appreciate it if you took a moment of your time to show some appreciation by visiting our Social Media pages and hitting like and leave a short review on your thoughts and/or what we should add to improve it.

Best of luck to all of you!